Rodney and Sarah Matthews

A husband-and-wife team, illustrating and writing fantasy stories for children.

  • Hardback | Age 7+ | Coming 9 July 2024

    A brand-new adventure with the bumbling, yet fearless naturalist, Professor Oddney, and his friend Magnus, the talking magpie. Armed with Uncle Cuthbert's Journal they venture into Otherland. Their quest? To find The Two-Headed Firedrake.

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  • Paperback | Audiobook | Animation (U)

    Journey into the wild country with would-be adventurer Yendor. He may be small but his dreams are BIG and his courage is mighty. Can he fend off a Killwing, a Grumposaur, a Grabsting and the nastiest of them all, the Marauding Scrawnies?

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