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Rodney and Sarah Matthews

A husband-and-wife team, living and working together in the Cotswolds, England. Specialising in the genre of children's fantasy, the couple are currently working on new adventures for their fictional characters: another animation for the junior adventurer Yendor; and the next novel for the bumbling, yet fearless Professor Clive Oddney and his loyal friend, Magnus, a curious, plain-speaking magpie.

Turning reality into fantasy - as if the couple's wedding day was not whimsical enough, Rodney later reimagined their favourite photo in his own fantasy style.

Rodney Matthews

Illustrator | Conceptual Designer | Musician | Director

Rodney Matthews headshot
Rodney Matthews is an internationally acclaimed illustrator and conceptual designer of fantasy and science fiction. Born in 1945, in Paulton, England, his distinctive style gained prominence in the 1970s with his poster art which sold in millions worldwide. His rich vision, characterised by lavish landscapes, ethereal cities, strange creatures and mammoth machinery, became the face of both the music and literature of the era. He has illustrated over 140 album covers for influential rock bands, such as Thin Lizzy, Asia and Rick Wakeman, while also becoming a favourite in the genre of speculative fiction, notably with science fiction and fantasy writer, Michael Moorcock.

In a career that has spanned decades, Matthews has also made his mark in the video game industry, working alongside the likes of Traveller’s Tales and Sony Psygnosis, as well as in animation, being given free rein to create and design the children’s TV series ‘Lavender Castle’ for Gerry Anderson. These days he works mainly on his own intellectual properties, which includes a sequel to his multi-award-winning animation, ‘Yendor – The Journey of a Junior Adventurer’, and further tales of Oddney’s Otherland. Matthews is also a talented musician and is recording his next album.

Sarah Matthews

Author | Graphic Artist | Director | Studio Manager

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Sarah has been writing children’s stories since she was old enough to hold a pen. Her love for words and their meanings earned her two degrees: a joint honours degree in Language & Linguistics and Philosophy and a masters of letters with distinction in the Philosophy of Language.

Shelving her doctorate and career in academic writing, she partnered with Rodney Matthews in his illustrative and conceptual design business, Rodney Matthews Studios. Initially his agent and studio manager, Sarah’s own creative talents quickly shone through. She edited and redesigned the 2020 publication of Rodney’s children’s book Yendor – the Journey of a Junior Adventurer, and then in 2021 co-directed the short film adaptation. Among the many awards the animation received, was Best Voice Over at the Vegas Movie Awards, for Sarah’s narration of the tale, which she delivered in her native Scottish accent. Delighted to be back writing again, Sarah likes to pen her thoughts in the greenhouse. When not working she can be found tending her vegetable patch and playing with the couple’s dog.