Infinity Film Festival (logo from IFF website)

Watch Yendor at the Infinity Film Festival for FREE!

The Infinity Film Festival have announced that Yendor will be screened for 3 days as part of their April 2021 online festival! 

FREE tickets for the full festival are available at FilmFreeway.  Once you've got your ticket, please head over to the Infinity Film Festival website and click on "Screening Room", where you will be prompted to enter the password sent with your ticket.

Please note that the festival will run for 9 days, with each film being shown for 3 full days and that Yendor's screening dates are May 8th to May 10th.

Selection 1 - Under the Surface (May 5th - 7th)
Lesson 7
He Rang
Sundown Town

Selection 2 - A Different Lens (May 8th - 10th)
Chimichanga Day
Yendor: The Journey of a Junior Adventurer

Selection 3 - Reflecions (May 11th - 13th)
Scarlet Circle
Samen (Together)
In Isolation
Unwind 2
Like I Sai

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