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Yendor: The Journey of a Junior Adventurer Audiobook on CD

Yendor: The Journey of a Junior Adventurer Audiobook on CD

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A charming adventure for younger children. Reassuringly read by Sarah Matthews in her soft Scottish accent, with a wondrous full length original score from Oliver Wakeman (Yes keyboardist and composer. Also, includes the story behind the story in Rodney Matthews' own words. This audiobook is the perfect complement to the paperback edition. 

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Track 1:  Yendor (Narration with Soundtrack) - Sarah Matthews and Oliver Wakeman - 16:58 mins

Track 2: Yendor (Narration) - Sarah Matthews - 16:31 mins

Track 3: Yendor (Soundtrack) - Oliver Wakeman - 16:58 mins

Track 4: Words from the Illustrator - Rodney Matthews - 01:52 mins

Running Length: 52:21 mins

"aimed at kids but, given the illustrator’s prog-rock credentials, also interesting to adults that should cherish this slim tome as if it was a classic record’s sleeve [...] the fable and the music create a well-rounded experience [...] A riveting listen and a prompt to get the book per se [...] Matthews briefly checks in at the disc’s end to expand on the background of it all, which is a nice gesture, akin to an artist’s signature: consider it a sincere bonus and call your children to sit and savor the reverie.

- Dmitry M. Epstein, Canadian-based Rock Journalist,

Customer Reviews

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Louis Bernier
Small is beautiful

A captivating tale unfolds around a young man named Yendor, who blurs the line between dreaming of adventure and actually living it. His name, echoing the sound of 'monster,' is fitting as he encounters many during his quests - serpents, poisoned grabstings, a benevolent giant, and even a golden castle - across the mountains and beyond forests. The story is very well narrated by Sarah Matthews and enlightened by Oliver Wakeman excellent soundtrack. The CD has 4 tracks, 1) the full story and music, 2) the narration only,3) the music only and 4) some words from Yendor's creator himself Mr. Matthews. My grandaughter is still too young to understand this story in english but she will one day! Yendor story initially started in 1973 with some drawings ... and was finalized in 2020 with this superb CD. So all good things ends up being accomplished ;o).

Ian Hodge-Neale
Great story.... Not just for children

Great story.... Not just for children, works for those of us who never really grew up!

A nice little story (as you'd expect)

A nice little story (as you'd expect) with a great soundtrack (as you'd expect, too) and a "must" for any fan of Sarah's and Rodney's.

Ian Jones
Absolutely great.

Absolutely great.

What an amazing story and the music with it is fantastic

What a amazing story and the music with it is fantastic

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